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You run your business,
We take care of the rest.

When you value excellence, NUMUS is there for you. We are a different type of audit firm established to provide our clients with a quality service and a level of attention that exceeds all expectations.


For every goal, there’s a NUMUS service to help you reach it



To succeed, a business must maintain accurate financial records. We provide qualified accountant-level experience to best meet YOUR business objectives.


You can either choose Fully Outsourced Accounting Services or request support for the individual services missing from your day-to-day operations.

Accounting for Digital Assets

As digital assets and distributed ledger technology have grown in importance, the underlying technology has created new challenges for financial reporting on digital assets.


NUMUS's in-house digital asset specialists can help you overcome these challenges. An important part of our approach is to take a step back and take a holistic view of your business to better understand your business and the needs around it.

Audit and Assurance

NUMUS offers a personalized audit approach with an emphasis on early planning and knowing how your business functions. This enables us to identify important audit components and tailor our procedures to the unique aspects of your business.


The benefit to you is a useful, cost-efficient, independent audit, performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

Corporate and Fiduciary Services

NUMUS, through its affiliated company, provides a wide range of corporate services, including opening Cyprus bank accounts, registering Cyprus companies, and offering fiduciary services.


As a result, clients can outsource every task involved in setting up, running, and managing their Cyprus companies.

Forensic Services

Our team of certified fraud examiners and forensic accountants is available to assist you whether you are dealing with a marital conflict or fraud suspicions.


Strong financial judgment and instincts for investigation are both necessary for forensic accounting. Our staff at NUMUS is trained to dive deep and assist in spotting abnormalities and possible financial malice.

Payroll Services

NUMUS offers its expertise to corporations that need assistance in the preparation of payroll recordings, payroll paperwork, its estimation and taxation.


We provide a full range of Payroll Services including registration to tax authorities, submission of tax payments, payroll preparation, social insurance registrations and de-registrations, as well as the timely submission of their documents to social insurance.

Professional Tax Services

We recognize your need for timely assistance from tax experts that have the highest degree of technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of your company.


To guarantee that every element of your tax status is carefully maintained, NUMUS offers a wide range of specialized assistance covering the whole spectrum of taxes. You are assured access to our senior tax professionals who combine technical competence with broad business experience, whether you require help with the tax ramifications of a new purchase, transfer pricing or international taxation of foreign activities. We provide solutions that will work for your company and reduce your tax risks, from fundraising to tax guidance and strategic tax planning.

VAT Advisory

VAT is a tax that is well-known for being difficult to understand, and failing to comply carries significant risks as well as harsh penalties. Because VAT is a tax that is also based on transactions, inquiries typically call for a prompt response.


Our VAT experts make it their mission to become familiar enough with yours to predict opportunities and difficulties, act fast to give a solution, and then step aside so you can focus on running your business. We never lose sight of the most crucial requirements for any VAT solution: it needs to be useful, give you advice, and prevent the emergence of additional issues.

NUMUS Academy

The NUMUS Academy offers top-notch financial courses created by industry experts with a substantial experience in their field.


Our staff uses a very engaging methodology to deliver accounting including IFRS updates, finance, AML and taxes courses.

Modern Architecture

About Us

At Numus Audit Limited numbers only tell part of the story. Our entrepreneurial-minded, results-focused approach is what ensures our clients achieve their greatest success.

The firm’s experienced and dedicated employees serve a wide range of clients in a variety of specialized industries. When it matters most, they want NUMUS at the table.

When you consult with NUMUS, you get more than an experienced, capable advisor. You get a partner whose curious nature, devoted work ethic, and unmatched responsiveness revolve around a single goal: protecting your interests.


It is the highest level of professional commitment. It also happens to be the bedrock of our success. We are a certified public accounting firm in Cyprus.

We have a dedicated team of qualified accountants, business advisors, and tax experts operating from our premises in Larnaca and Limassol.

Contact Us

Let’s Work Together

Larnaca Office:

T:+357 24 256 066
F:+357 24 256 067
31 Pavlou Valdaseridi street,

Parklane Court,1st floor,

Office 102, PC 6018 Larnaca, Cyprus

Limassol Office:

T+357  25 250 533

F:+357 24 256 067


Makarios Ave. III 228
Agios Pavlos Court Block A Office 712
3030 Limassol, Cyprus

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